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The Pond Informant
Quote of the Week: "Even if the Bee Could Explain to the Fly Why Pollen is Better Than Poop, the Fly Wouldn't Understand" --Unknown, possibly Adekunle Jr
Today's Date:Monday, 07/22/2024

He's not just your regular detective! He searches for: The Bad Guy!
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14-year-old boy wears baggy clothes

Yesterday Jacob Hickleflour was just mindlessly walking in the park without even thinking about the fact that his clothes were way too big. According to souces that wish they had camera phones, he simply spread out his arms and leaned forward to rest on two trees. When he did this, ... Read more...

Scrooge and the Grinch Team Up

Two days ago it was reported that The Grinch and Mr. Scrooge have teamed up to ruin Christmas again. In case you jerks don't have the spirit of Christmas in you and don't know who these people are, we'll tell you. You see, a long while back... Read more...

Walmart Panda Stolen from Local Zoo

Just two days ago the Pond Heights zoo reported one of thier panda's had gone missing overnight. The local police dept has had a thourough investigation team working day and night... Read more...

Bison&Jr Revived!

Check out the twelth comic available here!

GNOME Shell Too Confusing

WORLD NEWS: In what critics are calling a "predictable" situation, the developers of the computer interface GNOME have simply decided that the GNOME shell is just too confusing. These developers have a history... Read more...
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