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Today's Date:Tuesday, 02/27/2024 -- GNOME shell too confusing

GNOME Shell Too Confusing

developer just too unsure anymore

by Whyton Nerdi from the i-can't-take-buttons-anymore dept.

WORLD NEWS: In what critics are calling a "predictable" situation, the developers of the computer interface GNOME have simply decided that the GNOME shell is just too confusing. These developers have a history of removing options that are too confusing, and this time they've really taken it too the edge.

"GNOME shell is just too confusing," said developer Owen Taylor during the Tech'O-2012-rama at the South Brook Clovefield Memorial Conference Center. "I can't believe we've missed it for so long when it's so obvious."

The developer wasn't referring to the fact that every control is hidden under one button, which adds extra clicks to do ordinary things (not to metion an uncatagorized applications list, which more and more environments are guilty of... Android and iOS). No, he was referring to the fact that there are too many options on the computer still.

"Over the years, we've made things easier by making them things you can't do, thusly saving you time. Now, we've saved you even more time, by removing the most confusing part of the computer experience to date: the interface. Now, instead of spending time being confused by such things as options, you'll be able to move on with your life by not doing anything at all."

No comments have come back from the XFCE team yet concerning when they're going to stop confusing us by offering a productive workspace.

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