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Hey! This article's got the word iPad in it!

That is a cool thing these days, right?

by Wolfgang Arzbekinstok

So, as you can see, I also have heard of the iPad.  Who hasn't?  It's everywhere!  iPads are made by the company called Apple.  Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, once said, "Be a yardstick of quality.  Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected." [source:]

The iPad, from what I can tell, is a tablet that is based off of the iPhone, Apple's current market-dominating cellular phone.  The neat thing about it, it that it's bigger, therefore it must be intended for people with bigger hands.  It does have some differences from the iPhone, however.  It does not have the ability to make calls.  That's right, Apple thinks that if you have big hands, you must not need to make calls.  Why would anyone want to buy a giant phone that doesn't make calls.  What were you thinking, Apple?

Maybe the iPad wasn't meant to make phone calls, though.  I mean, Apple wouldn't screw up, right?  They're our guardians and protectors after all.  They are the ones that choose our thoughts for us so we don't have to bear the pains of thinking for ourselves.  Maybe Apple is telling us that we are no longer to make phone calls.  Maybe it is time that we stopped making contact with our friends, kind of like how we're supposed to hate flash.

That's yet another feature of the iPad.  The lack of Adobe Flash.  Adobe Flash sucks.  It's horrible.  It came straight from the bowels of hades.  I'm so glad that Apple has decided that we are not to view sites using Flash.  Flash is bad.  Apple hates it, so I must hate it too.  Stupid flash.

All in all, the iPad is that cool thing that all the kids are using these days.  If all the kids are doing it, we should too.  Cause we need to copy off of kids.  Then we'll be cool.  Cool, like the iPad.
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