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Winners of Spinach Contest Announced

by Jeff Spowinkavich

As many of you know, Arkwood Pond had it's first annual spinach growing contest earlier this week.  The winners were to be announced on Wednesday, but due to an accident with Hubert Fluffinflower's spinach and some of the chemicals from the Kavil Innoculatory Cheese Grater factory, the final ceremonies were to be announced today.  Now that the inspectors from the G.R.I.P. (Government Radiation and Intoxication Prevention) agency have cleared everything, we are able to continue the festivites once again.

Anyways, Congratulations to David Gavinfield!  Who knew that kicking a soccer ball across the spinach field would be good for the spinach?  He may know something about spinach that we don't.

David did not consent to a picture of himself, but he didn't mind us taking a picture of his spinach:

Turn on images in your browser to see the spinach.

He also had some tasty homemade dressing:

Turn on images to see the dressing.

Recipe to follow later.
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